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His Eminence Jangtse Choje Kyabje Gosok Rinpoche is a reincarnated Tibetan Lama of the Gelugpa School. He graduated from Sera Monastery with the Geshe Lharampa degree (the highest Doctorate in Buddhist Philosophy) and was awarded the Geshe Ngagrampa degree from Gyumed Tantric College. Rinpoche has served as the Abbot of the Gyumed Tantric College (1988-1991) and the Abbot of Sera Mey Monastery (1992-1996). In August 2017, he was appointed as the Jangtse Choje, second-in-line to the Gaden Tripa – Supreme Head of the Gelugpa Order, the seat of Je Tsongkhapa. Rinpoche’s lineage is pure, his learning profound, and his compassion vast. He tirelessly spreads the Buddha’s teachings to countless people around the world, including Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America.

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菩提道次第講授 第 37 課
印度:6 月 16 日 早上 7:00
台灣、北京:6 月 16 日 早上 9:30
越南: 6 月 16 日 早上 8:30
多倫多:6 月 15 日 晚上 9:30
Geshe Tenzin Chophel
Lamrim Teaching Lesson 37
will resume after Tibetan/Chinese New Year
India: Jun 16, 7:00am
Taiwan, Beijing: Jun 16, 9:30am
Vietnam: Jun 16, 8:30am
Toronto: Jun 15, 9:30pm