Welcome to the global website of His Eminence Jangtse Choje Kyabje Gosok Rinpoche

His Eminence Jangtse Choje Kyabje  Gosok Rinpoche is a Tibetan Lama of the Gelugpa School. He is former Abbot of the Gyumed Tantric College (1988-1991) and Sera Mey Monastery (1992-1996). In August 2017, he was appointed the Jangtse Choje, second-in-line to the Gaden Tripa – Supreme Head of the Gelugpa Order of Tibetan Buddhism.

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Gosok Rinpoche Palden Lhamo Short Sadhana Oral Transmission
果碩仁波切 口傳吉祥天母略軌

To help dispel the Covid-19 corona virus as soon as possible, His Eminence Jangtse Choeje Kyabje Gosok Rinpoche has recorded this short Palden Lhamo Mantra Practice for everyone. Please repeat the recording three times after Gosok Rinpoche to receive the Palden Lhamo Mantra Transmission. Recite and pray often during these difficult times for all sentient beings.

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