Gosok Rinpoche Guhyasamaja Empowerment Sept 7-8 2019 || 北頂法王怙主果碩仁波切 多倫多 密集金剛大灌頂 2019-09-07/08


格魯傳承北頂法王 果碩仁波切在多倫多加拿大大慈普利傳密集金剛灌頂—前行灌頂

Guhyasamaja is one of the oldest tantra system of the subtle body (chakras, channels and winds) allowing practitioners to gain access to the subtlest level of mental activity.  Guhyasamaja means secret (hidden or obscured) assembly. It is classified as highest yoga father tantra.  It is often called the King of Tantras. After taking the Guhyasamaja Empowerment, it is necessary to practice daily Six session Guru Yoga and Short Sadhana of Guhyasamaja.

Gosok Rinpoche gave preliminary teaching on the Guhyasamaja empowerment on September 7.



Actual empowerment of Guhyasamaja.

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