多倫多果硕大慈普利寺 醫療物資籌款 ** 4月9日最新消息 || Toronto Kunphen Buddhist Centre Covid-19 Medical Supplies Donation Campaign ** April 9 Updates

April 9 News   


Donations Collected 捐款/物資收集 Donated 已捐贈 Balance 剩餘尚未捐出
Canadian Dollars 加元 $19,555 $13,924 $5,631
N95/KN95 Masks 口罩 4,847 4,847 0
Medical Masks 醫用口罩 1,140 1,140 0
Gloves 手套 400 400 0

In addition, KBC members donated 747 KN95 masks, 1,140 other medical masks and 400 gloves.

果碩仁波切大慈弟子發心籌集到 747 KN95 口罩, 1,140 其他口罩. 400 手套.

Purchased 購買 2,400 KN95 masks 口罩:  $6,240 @2.60 each.
Purchased 購買 1,700 KN95 masks 口罩: $6,800 @4.00 each + $884 HST.

We have been working with the local office of Hon. Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, our local member of Canadian Parliament, representing the York South—Weston riding.

All Personal Protection Equipment on hand have been donated as of April 9.

4月9日: 我們與 艾哈默得·胡塞因先生 , 加拿大移民部長, 加拿大國會議員(約克南-維斯頓選區), 的本地辦公室合作, 所有醫療物資已捐贈出去了.

Donated to 捐贈 Date KN95 Masks 口罩 Other Items 其他物資
Lakeridge Health Hospitals 2020-03-31 400
Weston Gardens Retirement Residence 2020-04-04 150 150 regular masks 醫用口罩
Lakeridge Health Hospitals 2020-04-06 1,100
Weston King Neighbourhood Centre 2020-04-06 50 100 regular masks 醫用口罩
Weston Hub 2020-04-06 50 50 regular masks 醫用口罩
Junction Men's Shelter 2020-04-06 100
Beech Hall 2020-04-06 100
North York Nuring House 2020-04-06 100
Casa Dona Juana 2020-04-06 50
Casa Abruzzo 2020-04-06 50
Weston Area Emergency Services 2020-04-06 30
Maple Leaf Seniors Homes 2020-04-06 30
King Senior Residence 2020-04-06 20
Markham Stouffville Hospital 2020-04-07 1,000 500 regular masks 醫用口罩
West Park Hospital 2020-04-09 400 100 regular masks 醫用口罩 200 gloves 手套
Syme Woolner and Family Centre 2020-04-09 100
Club 600 2020-04-09 150
S Katy MD Medical Centre 2020-04-09 200
Local Office of Ahmed Hussen, our MP, for community distribution 2020-04-09 767 240 regular masks 醫用口罩 200 gloves 手套

Lakeridge Health Foundation 醫院 感謝電郵

Good afternoon,

Please accept our organization’s deepest thanks for the donations of much needed Personal Protective Equipment for our front-line staff. I am happy to confirm we have received the following from Kunphen Buddhist Centre:

· March 31, 2020 – Received 400 N-95 Masks (Brought in by Dr. Tram)

· April 6, 2020 – Received 1,100 KN-95 Masks (Brought in by Jangste Choje Gosok Rinpoche)

We live in a wonderful community where so many people are willing to help out wherever they can. Your act of generosity will help us tremendously as this pandemic continues.

If you have further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call me. If you would like a more formal receipt for your records, please advise. We are more than happy to accommodate.

Thank you again for your time and generosity.


Stephen Adams, CPA, CMA
Director of Finance

Lakeridge Health Foundation

‪905-576-8711‬ ext. 33422

Markham Stouffville Hospital 萬錦市斯托夫維爾醫院

萬錦市斯托夫維爾醫院 感謝電郵

Thank you for reaching out to us and for your amazing gift to MSH! Appreciate our chat over the phone.

As discussed, we are pleased to accept your 1000 kN95 masks and other models of masks. We are accepting ALL masks.

Donations can be delivered to MSH’s loading dock.

Kindly arrange delivery of the supplies directly to:

Markham Stouffville Hospital – Loading Dock

381 Church St, Markham ON, L3P 7P3

Attn: Mike Cabral

The Loading Dock can be driven into directly off of Church Street, past the Health Services Building across from Woodhaven.

Deliveries will be accepted Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., our staff are ready for all deliveries.

Kindly note our loading dock is closed this Friday, April 10 for the statutory holiday.

You mentioned you are delivering the donations this morning and I have copied Mike Cabral here so he is aware.

If you have any other questions about PPE, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We also welcome you to review our PPE needs and specifications at www.helpMSH.ca. We update this site regularly as needs emerge.

Any further questions – please don’t hesitate to reach out. On behalf of Dr. Halik and all of us at MSH – THANK YOU!

Many Thanks,


Madeline Cuadra
Director, Marketing & Donor Engagement
Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation

t ‪905-472-7373‬ ext. 6970
f ‪905-472-7018‬
e mcuadra@msh.on.ca

w www.mshf.on.ca

Mailing & Courier Address:
379 Church St, Suite 303 Markham ON L6B 0T1

萬錦市斯托夫維爾醫院 4月6日 急需 KN95 口罩

April 6

We just got a urgent request from Dr. Jerry Halik : ear, nose and throat surgeon at Markham Stouffville hospital that their emergency department are desperate for KN95 masks as the Drs and nurses are asked to recycle their mask that has been using for a few days already… so we are donating KN95 plus regular masks to them

Lakeridge Health Hospitals 醫院

March 31 News 3月31日消息

$6,260 + 650 KN95

Thanks to the efforts of KBC members, $6,260 have been raised and and 650 KN95 masks donated as of April 1, 2020. We are planning to purchase 2,400 KN95 masks. A doctor has confirmed that these masks are approved for use.

感恩大家同修的護持,此次疫情每天看到蔓延的數據,醫院醫生是面對疫情病人的第一線,他她們醫療物資告急,一條條信息,刺穿著心系疫情防控的我們,有心賑災義不容緩,果碩仁波切大慈弟子四眾力量,經大家的發心籌集到善款和物資,直至現在為止 收到 $6,260 善款,650 個 KN95 口罩,還有人繼續捐物。感恩大家同心協力發心!

我們將這筆善款購買到 2400 個 KN95 口罩,這批口罩經一位醫生己將我們捐的 KN95 GB 2626-2006 口罩送到 Infectious Diseases 醫生確認了合格可用[見圖]。

加拿大也不可避免的出現了嚴重疫情,現在多倫多一線醫院有嚴重醫療物資短缺問題。為醫護人員的急需,加拿大果碩大慈普利寺 (中心) 正在發起籌款活動,幫助5個多倫多 Lakeridge 衛生醫院機構, 其中3家醫院(阿賈克斯,奧沙瓦和鮑曼維爾/ Ajax, Oshawa and Bowmanville)的 ICU 單位 (重症醫療室) 購買急需的 N95 口罩!
KBC 正在為疫情抗擊獻一點力量,懇請你的加入,共同善舉善行。您向 KBC 的捐贈可以扣稅。請通過 e-transfter 到 info@kunphen.ca,請註名“ N95口罩活動”
這項捐款將以“北頂法王果碩仁波切大慈普利慈善行動”的名義將向 Lakeridge 衛生系統捐贈!
KBC is initiating a fund raising campaign to purchase N95 medical masks for 5 Lakeridge Health Hospitals in which 3 of them (Ajax, Oshawa and Bowmanville) have ICU units that urgently require these masks.
KBC will purchase them directly from China manufacturer and donate to these hospitals.
Your donation to KBC is taxes deductible. Donation can be made by e-transfer to info@kunphen.ca, please specify for the N95 Masks campaign. 
Donation will be made by ‘Jangtse Choje Gosok Rinpoche Kunphen Buddhist Centre N95 masks campaign’ to the Lakeridge health system.
Thank You!
Tashi Delek!
Kunphen Buddhist Centre

2020-03-25 4pm


Two Dharma brothers immediately delivered 400 masks to the home of Vietnamese Doctor. She said Hospital will issue receipt tomorrow.

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  1. 己有二位師兄馬上捐了四百个(只有三層)口罩,剛己送到越南女醫生家裹。女醫生説醫院明天會發証明收到大慈捐的口罩。

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