Gala Monastery Reconstruction News

The monastery is located in SiChuan province, Yajiang county, Gala Village, 14 km from Yajiang town.
The original building was constructed over 90 years ago. It had two storeys, Inside, there were 3 very exquisite statues of Avalokitesvara, Manjurshri and Vajrapani.
After being destroyed during the cultural revolution, it was reconstructed in 1995.  Because of various problems, it was never fully completed.
In 2015, Lama Gelek Rombo and local buddhists started new construction at the current location.  With the support and blessing from Kyabje Gosok Rinpoche, construction proceeded very smoothly. 
With three storeys and over 1000 square meters, it has 3 very solemn 3.5 meter statues of Shakyamuni Buddha, Je Tsongkhapa and thousand armed thousand eyed Avalokitesvara.
Building structure is fully finished with interior almost complete. 

Address / 地址: Sichuan Province, Ganzi Yajiang County, Jiangbai District, Gala Township, Gala Village

四川省 甘孜州雅江县江白区呷拉乡呷拉村,邮政编码627450。

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