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Sera Monastery

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Tibetan: སེ་ར          Chinese: 色拉寺

Sera is one of the three great Gelug university monasteries. It is located 2 km north of Lhasa. It was founded in 1419 by Sakya Yeshe, a disciple of Je Tsongkhapa. The name Sera came from the wild roses ("sera" in Tibetan) that covered the hill behind the monastery.

Sera Me Tratsang is the oldest college within Sera. Sera Je College is the largest college in Sera. It has a famous Hayagriva statute, considered the protective deity of the monastery.

Sera has developed over the centuries into a renowned Buddhist institution with 19 hermitages and four nunneries.

A parallel Sera has been established in Mysore, India, with more than 3,000 monks.

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Synonyms/Additional Terms:
སེ་ར, 色拉寺, 色拉麥


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