The Special Benefits For Cleaning

Source: Liberation In Our Hand” by Pabongka Rinpoche, Translated by Sermey Khensur Lobsang Tharchin with Artemus B. Engle

The reason for cleaning: is to show respect for the gurus and the conquerors, along with their spiritual sons, whom we are inviting to our meditation place.

The motivation for cleaning: should be with desire to serve and honor the merit field in preparation for meditating on the topics of the Lamrim teaching, and with the ultimate aim of achieving Buddhahood for the sake of all sentient begins.

Arya Pantaka was able to become an arhat through this practice of cleaning one’s dwelling.

A scripture mentions FIVE specific benefits for cleaning:

  1. One’s own mind becomes clear;
  2. The minds of others become clear;
  3. The gods are pleased;
  4. One accumulates beautiful karma;
  5. After the body’s disintegration, one is born in a divine realm.

The method is: having generated correct motivation, and imagine that we are sweeping away the impurities that obscure both our own mind and the minds of others.  We should recite aloud, “I am removing dust.  I am removing dirt.”

This dust is not particles of dirt, but desire’s dust.
“Dust” is a term for desire, not granules.
The wise rid themselves of this impurity
And are attentive to the Sugata’s teaching.

Dear Dharma Brothers,

If you would like to participate as a volunteer to clean our temple, please kindly contact Michael Wong to sign up.

Cleaning assignment could be flexible according to your availability.  It could be a long-term volunteer schedule, or a single fixed date plan. After cleaning, please fill out “The Volunteer Form for Cleaning”.

At year end, based on your accumulated services (offerings), you will be issued a Certificate of Appreciation as recognition of your effort.

功德頌  —   灑掃篇

下文摘自:《掌中解脱-菩提道次第二十四天教授 – 加行篇》



經典中記載 ,聖周利槃陀迦就是靠灑掃住處而證得阿羅漢果的。佛經裏邊告訴我們,灑掃有五種功德






各位同修,如發心希望參加灑掃寺廟,做義工供養。可以聯系 Michael 師兄,報名安排時間。


  • 只要發心供養,寺廟都會盡心安排。
  • 灑掃後,請將清掃時間,及所清掃的地點,寫在“灑掃功德供養”的表格中,以便其他義工師兄工作。
  • 寺廟每年年底會根據“灑掃功德供養”表格中的記錄,累計各位義工的功德次數,以茲鼓勵,贊嘆功德隨喜發心供養