Tibetan Buddhism Glossary System


Tibetan: དཀོན་མཆོགགསུམ (konchok sum)   Chinese: 佛法僧三寶

The Triratna (three jewels) are

  • The Buddha, the enlightened one
  • The Dharma, the teachings by the Buddha
  • The Sangha, the community of practitioners following the teachings of the Buddha

The three jewels are the objects of the Buddhist Refuge.

This Tibetan Buddhism glossary system is in early beta testing stage. Please submit any suggestions and corrections in the comment section below so we can continue to improve it to help everyone.

這個藏傳佛教詞彙系統正處於早期測試階段。 請在下面提交建議和更正,以便我們繼續改進。
Synonyms/Additional Terms:
Three Jewels, Triple Gem, དཀོན་མཆོག་གསུམ, 三寶


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