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Eleven virtuous states

Tibetan: དགེ་བའི་སེམས་བྱུང་བཅུགཅིག(gewe semjung chuchik)   Chinese: 十一善心所

The Eleven Virtuous States (ekadasa kusala) are the mental state of minds that can act as antidotes again destructive emotions. They are part of Fifty-one Mental States as listed in Abhidharma

  • Faith (sraddha) 信
  • Dignity (hri) 慚
  • Propriety (apatrapya)
  • Nonattachment (alobha) 無貪
  • Nonaggression (advesha) 無瞋
  • Nondelusion (amoha) 無癡
  • Diligence (virya) 精進
  • Flexibility (prasrabdhi) 輕安
  • Conscientiousness (apramada) 不放逸
  • Equanimity (upeksa) 行捨
  • Nonviolence (ahimsa) 不害


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